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6 months ago – Sun, Nov 14, 2021 at 06:31:41 AM

In the deep reaches of the ocean, there lies things so easily forgotten, but they do not return that favor. Friendly and not, their eyes watch, unblinking. Do you dare to get your feet wet and discover what wonders await?

  • New Subraces, including 5 5e, 8 PF1, and 16 PF2 heritages!
  • An astounding array of feats to customize yourself with 55 PF1, 14 5E, and 86 PF2 feats!
  • 3 new races, kitted out for all three editions
  • Magic for all sorts, with 9 5E, 8 PF1, and 18 PF2 spells!
  • Take your classes in new directions with 2 5E class options, 1 PF1 Archetype, and 2 PF2 archetypes.
  • Three new cleric doctrines(PF2)
  • One new witch patron
  • 10 new settlements!
  • 9 new familiar abilities (PF2)
  • 7 new backgrounds (PF2)
  • 4 new backgrounds (5E)
  • 32 different notables that live in, on, or near the waves.
  • 1 new god, welcome Monsoon, feline god of seas and travel(all 3)
  • New thoughts of gods about gods and the very nature of their being.
  • 8 monsters(all 3)
  • 1 new class, the thoughtful psion(5e, pf1 and pf2 with 65 additional class feats(including multi-classing)!)

How's that look? I went through and counted what's there.

PF2 Playtest/Review
7 months ago – Sat, Oct 23, 2021 at 08:04:11 PM

Have a look at this:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/19oS0KmBPi4MkC5JsoppaxRK2c_bGNEKQItUI1Prx9qY/edit# 

This is PF2 content, if not warned by the subject. Have a glance, read, judge! If you can actually playtest, even better! Meanwhile, what would you like a peek of next? Give me an edition and what sort of thing you want a peek of.

Note: The doc is set so you can comment right on it. Type over mistakes, make comments, let us know!

Closing in,


8 months ago – Sun, Oct 03, 2021 at 08:31:57 PM

I've been posting previews to our patreon. Did you know we had one of those?

These Kickstarters are fantastic! They let us take great leaps to big books, but the patreon is what lets us keep the lights on day by day, month to month. They fuel all the rest of the books that come out of us.

Any amount tossed in there is appreciated. At 5 bucks a month, you get first dibs and ultra cheap PDFs of all patreon-funded books we make. At 15, you get a print coupon to go with it. In any case, you are helping keep Ponyfinder alive and healthy, so we can keep right on working. I appreciate it so very much I don't even have proper words.


That's the link. If you can, toss a few bits in, get previews as we work on things, get to vote on what we're doing, and help us forge forward!



Time Runs Low
8 months ago – Sat, Sep 25, 2021 at 12:00:26 AM

For most of you, thank you, you already did this, good job!

We have a small portion that have not done their survey. Is that you? Once October 1st hits, it's too late, and some of these are not small pledges!

I've been sending an email reminder once a week, but you can go to  https://seasofeverglow.backerkit.com/  and request one yourself. Get your stuff in! Time is running out! I want everyone to get their stuff.

In other news! We're getting a new class in this book, for PF2 and 5E, so look forward to that! This book is shaping up quite nicely. Got questions? I read every comment, don't be shy.